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Our Mission

The Western Alaska Landscape Conservation Cooperative promotes coordination, dissemination, and developme​nt of applied science to inform landscape level conservation, including terrestrial-marine linkages, in the face of landscape scale stressors, focusing on climate change. ​

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Western Alaska LCC Funds                2-Year Climate Change Projects Focused on Terrestrial Systems 



Earlier this year we funded research projects that aim to inform decision makers about the climate change effects on terrestrial habitats, resources, and ecological services. 

Projects include understanding changes in berries, fire-permafrost dynamics, and bird habitat on the Yuk​on-Kuskokwim Delta; a traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) science study on the Mulchatna Caribou Herd, and improving monitoring methods for moose in low-snow years in Bristol Bay.

Stay tuned for more project updates!​ ​

​Science Webinars

Check out our webinar series that showcase the innovative science research that is ongoing in Western Alaska!

For more details and to view recordings of past webinars, visit our webinar page.​ 


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Working Together to Promote  Resilience & Adaptation throughout Alaska's Coasts 

Throughout 2016 leaders from the Aleutians to the Chukchi Sea came together during a series of Coastal Resilience & Adaptation Workshops, spearheaded by the Aleutian & Pribilof Islands Association and three Landscape Conservation Cooperatives.
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The series consisted of four regional workshops held in the regional hub communities of Nome, Unalaska, King Salmon, and Kotzebue.
The workshops brought together tribal leaders, scientists, land and resource managers, and community planners to identify tools and strategies to address the challenges of a rapidly changing coast. Each event provided a unique opportunity to network, share ideas and strategies, identify gaps in knowledge, and maximize collective efforts. 
Check out highlights posted on the Northern Latitudes Facebook​ and Twitter​ and join the #CoastalChangeAK conversation!

Photo Credit: Community-Based Coastal Erosion Monitoring, Courtesy of Native Village of Port Heiden

New Coastal Adaptation Guidance
NOAA recently released a Guide for Considering Climate Change in Coastal Conservation, along with a companion self-guided online resource How to Consider Climate Change in Coastal Conservation. The Guide provides stepwise approach for planning, with links to tools, information and other resources specifically focused on climate and habitat considerations of the coastal environment.  The How-To provides brief instructions on each step and quick online access to the most applicable tools and will be periodically updated with new resources.

Both products are available on NOAA's Digital Coast under 'Training' and on their Green Infrastructure topics page.

Matching Experts with Issues at the  Alaska Marine Science Symposium!

Are you an expert in science, community planning, or policy? Then let us make the perfect match for you to help coastal communities and managers in Alaska!

Following a recent series of Coastal Resilience & Adaptation workshops we recently hosted throughout Alaska, several key questions and issues were raised.

You could be the PERFECT MATCH to help us tackle these!


Our team will be at the Alaska Marine Science Symposium the week of Jan 23-27 to present our findings and begin the match-making process. Be sure to catch us on the main stage Monday 1/23 and during our workshop on Friday 1/27.

We have questions, but luckily you have answers!

​Science and Decision-Maker Needs

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The ability to achieve our mission - providing science products that can help support conservation efforts - depends on successfully identifying what information decision makers need. Selection of topics for LCC focus takes place through workshops with decision makers and experts as well as Steering Committee deliberations. 

We are now determining our Coastal System focus for the federal fiscal years 2018-2017.  The LCC has an ongoing requirement that project proposals include contact information for decision makers who would utilize the proposed products. Learn more about LCC priorities and how they are determined on the Science page. ​ 

LCCs in Alaska

There are five LCCs in Alaskapart of an LCC National Network comprised of 22 individual LCCs that span most of the continent.