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​​LCCs in Alaska

There are five Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCCs) that cover Alaska.  All LCCs are part of a National Network comprised of 22 individual LCCs that span most of the continent.  The first LCCs were started in 2010 with a Department of Interior Executive Order which provided see money for the initial LCCs.   

In Alaska, the Arctic LCC was the first to be established in 2010 followed by the Western Alaska and North Pacific LCCs in early 2011.  The Northwest Boreal and Aleutian and Bering Sea Islands LCCs were provided staff funding in late 2011.  Due to the different establishment dates and funding levels, all five of the LCCs are at different places in their development.  While there are many similarities across LCCs there are also differences that reflect the unique needs of each area.  

Within Alaska, LCC staff from all five of the cooperatives have frequent conversations to identify ways to collaborate on broader issues and projects, and to learn from each other.  To learn more about the other LCCs in Alaska, please visit their jointly hosted Northern Latitudes website, Facebook page​, or individual LCC websites:

Arctic LCC 

Aleutian and Bering Sea Islands LCC

North Pacific LCC 

Northwest Boreal LCC​