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The Western Alaska Landscape Conservation Cooperative promotes coordination, dissemination, and development of applied science to inform landscape level conservation, including terrestrial-marine linkages, in the face of landscape scale stressors, focusing on climate change.


The goals are not presented in priority order.​

  • Promote communications to enhance understanding regarding effects of climate change in Western Alaska,

  • Support coordination and collaboration among partners to improve efficiencies in their common science and information activities,

  • Identify and support research, and data collection, analysis, and sharing that address common information needs of land and resource management decision makers,

  • Enable synthesis of information at landscape and larger spatial scales,

  • ​​Enhance resource management in western Alaska through applied science and technology transfer.

Guiding Principles

The Western Alaska LCC will operate under the following guiding principles:

  • Consider and respect each participating organization’s unique mandates and jurisdiction.

  • Coordinate with other committees, workgroups or organizations that add mutual value, maximize capacity, avoid redundancies, and leverage resources. Focus on solving biological, physical, and sociological issues to promote scientifically sound, outcome-based, adaptive management.

  • Respect social, political and legal limitations while promoting solutions to landscape level stressors (climate and related) that benefit the greater Western Alaska conservation community.

  • ​Be transparent in operations and ensure access to the Western Alaska LCC process and products.​