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Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCCs) are self-directed partnerships that consist of government agencies, tribes and tribal organizations, non-government organizations, universities, and others.  Essentially, your government/organization (“entity”) could be considered a partner of the LCC it has an interest in conservation in western Alaska.  

 All LCCs are governed by a Steering Committee, which is described on the Governance​ page. The Steering Committee depends on input from the broader community of partners (and potential partners) to make informed decisions about how the LCC can be most useful in meeting its mission.

Beyond the Steering Committee, our Charter  defines two categories of other LCC partners. The Partnership Community represents the collective conservation partnerships within the Western Alaska LCC and includes landscape, marine, species, habitat or issue specific partnerships, management and organizational representatives and other conservation partners.  

The Science & Tra​ditional Ecological Knowledge Community (Science Community) is the collective science capacity within the LCC, including university, government and nongovernmental scientists, researchers, and specialized science and technical expertise, including traditional knowledge experts and elders from western Alaska.  

The USGS Alaska Climate Science Center​ (ACSC) has a special relationship with the LCCs in Alaska because it was formed by the same Department of Interior Secretarial Order that created the LCCs.  The ACSC provides important research capacity to address issues and science needs that are broader than a single LCC’s geography.  The ACSC Director participates on all Steering Committees as a non-voting member and the LCC Coordinators similarly serve as ex-officio members for the ACSC governing sub-committee.