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Science Community

CoastalWorkshp2012_101_cropped300px.jpgScience capacity within the LCC is represented in the Science & Traditional Ecological Knowledge Community (Science Community).  The Science Community is comprised of university, government and nongovernmental scientists, researchers, and specialized science and technical expertise, including traditional knowledge experts and elders from western Alaska.  Individuals from the Science Community participate in various specialized science panels or working groups and in the review of the science strategy for the LCC, as permitted through their respective organizations.  The LCC staff coordinates with appropriate experts within this Community to meet specific shared information needs of the LCC partners. 

Through 2014, we have engaged with over 70 different entities to collaborate on projects and/or provide science and knowledge to help define the direction of the LCC. These collaborators include 17 Federal and 6 State of Alaska agencies, 13 tribal governments and organizations, 25 non-governmental organizations, 14 universities and 1 local government who have been involved in providing science support or in conducting LCC sponsored projects.