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​​​​​​​Develop an "Existing Vegetation" Map for the Western Alaska LCC Region

Project Summary

Project ID: WA2011_08
Lead Investigator: Michael Fleming, Images Unlimited
Collaborators: Steve Patterson, USFS
Project Duration: 2011-2015 - Completed


This project produced an existing vegetation type map at 30m resolution for the northern half of the Western Alaska LCC region, and Kodiak Archipelago.  The lack of a consistently mapped vegetation data layer for Alaska has been identified as a prima​​ry road block for many conservation and management entities across the state.  This project addresses a number of the LCC conservation goals by addressing a baseline science and provides a foundation for current and future projects within the region. 

This project utilized imagery and data already available that had been used in the LANDFIRE vegetation layer from the early 2000s (  A reanalysis of the imagery was made by an Alaskan company, Images Unlimited, with experience in western Alaska. Althought ther​e is no quantitative accuracy information for these new vegetation maps, qualitative assessments imply they are more accurate for western Alaska.  We would be interested in your feedback as you use this new datalayer, contact the LCC staff at 


To access these products, click on the title, then click the link in the pop-up window.  Digital data files (GIS and imagery) are available through the Geograhic Information Network for Alaska (GINA) at:​.

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