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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Extensive mapping of Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska coastal change by Landsat time series analysis, 1972–2013

Project Summary

​Project ID: WA2013_24
Lead Investigator: Matthew Macander, ABR, Inc.
Project Duration: 2013-2014

This project resulted in an extensive mapping of coastal change along the entire coastline of the Western Alaska Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC). The work provides important baseline information on the distribution and magnitude of landscape changes over the past 41 years. The extent of change to the coastline and to coastal features, such as spits, barrier islands, estuaries, tidal guts and lagoons, was known to be substantial in some areas along the coast (e.g., portions of the Yukon–Kuskokwim Delta), although the extent of change along the full Bering Sea coast was not well documented. With this analysis, changes can be summarized for different land ownerships or other units to assess the extent of recent habitat loss. Hotspots of change identified by the wide coverage of the mapping are available to provide guidance on selecting areas for monitoring or for more intensive research (e.g., terrain sensitivity analysis). An interactive online map of the results is available here.  ​

ExampleChange_ChignikLagoon_350px.png ExampleChange_HazenBay_350px.png


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AttachmentFeasibility Analysis ReportReport10/30/2014 6:18 PM
AttachmentFinal ReportReport2/20/2015 4:35 PM
AttachmentInstructions for Interactive pdf MapPresentation3/5/2015 8:33 PM
Webinar - Part I (September 30, 2014)Presentation10/15/2014 1:11 PM
Webinar - Part II (September 30, 2014)Presentation10/15/2014 1:17 PM
Interactive online map Image8/16/2016 3:09 PM
AttachmentInteractive pdf Map: All Change ClassesImage3/5/2015 8:32 PM
AttachmentInteractive pdf Map: Coastal Change ClassesImage3/5/2015 8:32 PM
AttachmentInteractive pdf Map: Lowland Change ClassesImage3/5/2015 8:32 PM
AttachmentInteractive pdf Map: Riverine Change ClassesImage3/5/2015 8:32 PM
AttachmentMap of Study AreaImage7/2/2014 6:39 PM
ArcGIS REST Service for accessing results layersData3/5/2015 8:27 PM
GIS data of analysis resultsData3/5/2015 8:38 PM
Link to Landsat Composites, 1972-2013Data3/5/2015 8:45 PM
ScienceBase record (with select data products)Data8/16/2016 3:11 PM

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