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​Develop/Implement a Voluntary Participation Water Temperature Network Implementation Plan for the Ahklun Mountains and Bristol Bay Lowlands

Project Summary

​Project ID: WA2014_30 ​
Lead Investigator: Tim Troll, Bristol Bay Heritage Land Trust
Collaborators: Sue Flensburg, BBNA; Sue Mauger, Cook Inletkeeper
Project Duration: 2014 - 2015 (Phase 1);                                                     2015 - 2018 (Phase 2)

Water temperature is one of the most significant factors in the health of stream ecosystems. Temperature plays a critical role in salmonid reproduction and survivorship and is an essential indicator for monitoring the health of Bristol Bay salmon habitats, which support vital subsistence, commercial and sport fisheries. The objectives of this project are to develop an Implementation Strategy (Phase 1) and to launch (Phase 2) a voluntary participation water temperature monitoring network for Bristol Bay; expand the annual Water Quality/QAPP Recertification training for local monitors to include standardized water temperature monitoring protocols; initiate temperature monitoring in select drainages; and seek long-term funding for a comprehensive regional monitoring program.​



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Webinar (2016 Feb 10)Presentation2/10/2016 7:40 PM
AttachmentImplementation Plan for Bristol BayReport11/25/2014 12:54 PM

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