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Current RFPs

The Notice of Funding Opportunity is no longer available for new applicants.  We received 36 pre-proposals for the announcement described below. Ten preproposals were selected and the authors have been requested to provide full proposals. These full proposals are due on February 8th, 2016 at noon AKST. We encourage the applicants to review the full announcement (see below) for instructions.  

Submissions will be made online through "RFP Manager". Non-Federal applicants will need to provide appropriate SF-424 Forms which can be found here​ on  

The original Notice of Funding Opportunity for terrestrial systems projects supported by the Western Alaska LCC closed on November 2nd.  Please see the solicitation and instructions posted below. We sought short (only 1000 words of descriptive text) pre-proposals due November 2nd at 12:00pm.  Authors of selected pre-proposals were asked to complete detailed proposals due February 8th, 2016. There are three categories for proposals:  

Category 1) Patterns of change, and their impacts, in the phenology and distribution of subsistence resources, harvested species, or other species of management interest; 

Category 2) Identification and synthesis of information about ‘hotspots’ of change or of highly resilient ‘stable’ locations in western Alaska; and, 

Category 3) Changes in terrestrial habitat characteristics and their impact on important resources or services in western Alaska.  

Some resources of potential interest for Categories 1 & 2 are available here.



 Terrestrial Systems Call for Proposals

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Past RFPs

To learn more about the types of projects we’ve looked for in the past, browse previous RFPs below.​


 WALCC RFP Archive

CLOSED RFP 2014 Outreach.pdf
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CLOSED RFP 2014 FreshwaterTempImpacts (Freshwater).pdf
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CLOSED RFP 2013 StreamLakeTempDatabase (Freshwater).pdf
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CLOSED RFP 2012 CoastalStormsImpacts (Coastal).pdf
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CLOSED RFP 2011 General.pdf
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