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​​​​Science Planning

funnel.jpgThe Western Alaska LCC has been funded since 2011.  The first three years were focused on determining where and how the LCC could make the greatest contribution to address science needs related to natural resource management and conservation. 

During our first year we took three major steps in determining how to focus LCC activities.  First, we visited hub communities in western Alaska in 2010 even before the LCC was officially formed to find out what potential LCC partners thought would be a useful niche for the LCC.  We created a Local Meeting Synthesis Report​, and Community Reports from each meeting.   After the local meetings we held a Management Framing​ Workshop with the land and resource management agencies to discuss the types of decisions that they make and identify where they have common science/information needs.  The results from this meeting helped us to establish the framework for the Western Alaska LCC Shared Science Needs workshop held in April 2011. 

The information gathered, and the lessons learned during our first three years helped set the stage for the long-term science framework​ that we are now initiating.  Once finalized, this science framework will guide how the LCC focuses its activities through 2020.  A two year operating plan will be developed to provide more specific information about the LCC’s focus for each two year funding period.  The FY14-15 Science and Operating Plan​ is available now.​