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​​​Science Overview

The Western Alaska LCC focuses on providing science and decision-support tools to help decision makers understand and plan for climate-driven changes in western Alaska.  More specifically, we focus our efforts on information and tools that are (in order of importance):

1.  needed by decision makers in natural resource management and conservation, and 

2.  that will help multiple partners (‘shared information needs’), and

3.  that will address multiple needs. 

Western Alaska is a diverse place with many different ecological systems and human activities which create a broad realm of science needs.  Please see the links to the left to see how we’ve gathered information from a broad group of decision makers, scientists and data “users and gatherers” (people who collect and utilize information to inform a decision maker).  The Science Planning Page provides an overview of the steps taken in the first three years to develop the science foundation for the LCC.  The Long-term Science Framework​ describes the process we are proposing to follow to address the shared science needs identified through various workshops and outreach activities.