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​Long-term Science Strategy

We prioritize our efforts based on decision maker’s science needs and on opportunities to leverage our resources.  Within this framework, focusing on a particular topic or theme allows us to refine our selection and form a suite of integrated activities to fund, resulting in a number of synergistic benefits:

Substantial progress on shared needs

Increased leveraging of funds, logistics, data sharing, etc.

Development of more useful products

Builds future collaborations 

Addresses needs that often fall ‘between the cracks’

The LCC Steering Committee considered many different approaches to defining these “themes” and ultimately decided on three primary focus areas:  Coastal Systems, Freshwater Systems and Terrestrial Systems.  By limiting our focus to just a few themes we are able to frequently return to a theme to address newly emerging issues.   In addition, the broad scope allows for inclusiveness and refinement based on current needs and opportunities.   

long-term science calendar sm.jpg 

The above table illustrates the sequence and overlap of themes.  The planning phase will include refinement of the theme to a relevant topical focus, while the lag after project completion allows us to evaluate project results and usefulness, as well as update our understanding of decision maker needs before we return to the theme. 

To learn more, download the Strategic Science Plan​.